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Living Every Momentâ„¢
Living Every Momentâ„¢

Receiving Care at Home

One of the most common myths about hospice is that it is a place. It is the type of care, not a place that defines hospice. At Hospice of the Valley, we provide expert care and support that focuses on enhancing your quality of life wherever you call home, whether it is a private residence, assisted living facility, nursing home or hospital.

Our team of professionals will come to you to provide as much support as you need. A nurse may visit to check on your condition, answer questions, recommend changes in your diet or medications or suggest additional medical equipment or supplies to make it easier for your loved ones to care for you.

Depending on your needs, other members of the Hospice of the Valley team, including hospice aides, social workers and spiritual counselors who are experts in end-of-life care, will offer support. Our team works together to attend to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs as well as those of your family.

Our team also consists of specially trained volunteers who can stay and visit with you so that family caregivers can take a break.

Whatever the need, Hospice of the Valley will come to you to provide expert care and support because we believe that life is about Living Every Moment™.