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Living Every Momentâ„¢

Caring for a Loved One

Providing care in a loved one’s home is challenging on many levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. Let Hospice of the Valley help.

  • Helping you care for your loved one’s physical needs
  • Provide care to effectively manage pain and symptoms
  • Perform ongoing care assessments
  • Teach caregivers comfort measures
  • Assist with bathing, dressing and light meal preparation
  • Provide necessary medical equipment and supplies
  • Offer nursing support on call 24 hours a day to respond to questions and emergencies
  • Offering emotional support to help you care for your loved one
  • Facilitate communication and coordinate care
  • Assist with completing Advance Directives, if needed
  • Offer support to handle stress and grief
  • Provide practical support, such as running errands, transportation, light chores and companionship
  • Provide volunteer visitors to give you time to handle personal needs or just time away
  • Providing spiritual support for you and your loved one
  • Offer anticipatory grief support, prayer and meditation
  • Contact clergy on your behalf
  • Discuss spiritual questions, fears and concerns

Because Hospice of the Valley provides expert end-of-life care, patients and their loved ones receive the support they need from our specialists. We can guide you in providing the best care for your loved one and help create a comforting, peaceful environment. You’ll receive all the support you need so you can focus your energy on spending quality time with your loved one.

Put your trust in the experts at Hospice of the Valley. If you are caring for someone at home and need more help, call us at 1-408-559-5600.