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Family Stories

A Short, Bright Life

Krista Henley

Gracie McQuaid
Gracie Adelaide McQuaid was born on December 16, 2010, at three pounds, 15 ounces. A day normally filled with joy, Gracie’s birthday was filled with mixed emotions. As early as 16 weeks in the pregnancy, Brendan and Dina McQuaid knew their baby girl was going to have health complications.
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Anna Thumann
After spending a year and a half as a caregiver for a longtime friend, Anna Thumann, 85, was diagnosed with lung cancer only two and a half weeks after her friend’s death.
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Aileen – Hospice Patient
On the last day of school in 1933, Aileen began keeping a diary...
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Hank – Hospice Patient
Born in San Diego, California and raised in San Francisco, Hank has been a professional drummer for over 62 years...
Watch Hank describe his experience with Hospice of the Valley in this video.
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The Button Family
“For five weeks,” said Tara, Luc’s mother, “we experienced a roller coaster ride watching a team of doctors do everything they could to save Luc. He fought and fought. Never could we have imagined that a baby could have that much courage…”
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Margaret Guerrero and the Villegas Family
An independent woman, Margaret Guerrero possessed a dry sense of humor, a positive attitude and, although private, she was deeply connected to many. Margaret became a hospice patient in May of 2009…
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The Simoni Family
“We were always our own advocate with Paul’s illness but, at the point we chose hospice, it was nice to know there was someone to hold and catch us…”
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Greg Bartschenfeld
Greg began hospice so he could spend the last months of life being a husband instead of a patient. Greg’s story is featured in A kinder death, an article written by April Dembosky, with accompany photographs by Maria J. Avila, that appeared in the July 9, 2009 issue of The Mercury News.
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