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Living Every Momentâ„¢

Questions to Ask

  • Are interdisciplinary team members including spiritual caregivers and social workers available 24-7 if there is a patient or family need?
  • Is there a full time medical director?
  • How does the team make sure the primary care physician is kept informed?
  • Which medications are covered? If the patient has a special need for a medicine, how easy is it to get that drug approved?
  • How many volunteer hours per patient are provided?
  • Does the program provide care in all settings – at home, nursing home, hospital, and assisted-living facility?
  • What special types of programs are available – life review, pet therapy, music therapy, massage, Reiki?
  • Is a grief support program provided for adults and children? Where do bereavement groups meet? Are counselors licensed?
  • How does the program ensure that the care plan respects the patient’s and family’s wishes?
  • How does the interdisciplinary team make sure it meets the patient’s and family’s needs?
  • Are interpreter services available 24-7?
  • Is one case manager assigned to each patient and family?
  • Can the patient still see his/her sub-specialist physician?
  • Does the program participate in national quality initiatives and benchmarking, including the NHPCO’s (National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization) Quality Partners program?
  • How does the program monitor and improve its quality of care?