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Living Every Momentâ„¢
Living Every Momentâ„¢

Patients & Families

Many of us have never thought about it until a moment of decision is upon us. How do you want your life’s final chapter to be written?

At Hospice of the Valley, we understand that choosing comfort over cure can sound like giving up hope. Yet providing hope and peace is what hospice care is all about.

Through the compassionate, expert care at Hospice of the Valley, there is hope to live comfortably and hope to spend quality time with loved ones in the familiar surroundings of home.

In other words, we help families focus on Living Every Moment™ by providing all the expert medical, emotional and spiritual support they need throughout the end-of-life journey, including the grieving process. Our Community Grief & Counseling Center is one of the most extensive grief counseling programs in northern California, helping children, adolescents and adults address their grief in their own way, at their own pace.

Remember that you have control over how your last months are lived. It is your choice.

We help those whose time is limited to live to the fullest of their abilities, and according to their wishes. This is why it is important to contact us early on. We can help when months remain to be lived, not just days or weeks.

The sooner our hospice team is involved, the more we can do to promote as much quality time as possible. To put more living into every moment.